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Hi, I'm Tom Reid

I’ve worked for more than 35 years in government contracts and business operations. I hold a B.A. in English, an M.S. in Public Administration, and a J.D. having focused on business law.

I spent seven years as a federal attorney and have been a senior executive in various capacities, serving large and small businesses in such areas as contract management, business development, training, and leadership development. I’ve engaged in legal and litigation management, strategic planning, and oversight of multi-million dollar business operations.

I’ve spoken internationally, and am admitted to the Bar in Texas, and licensed to practice before the US Court of Federal Claims, and the US Supreme Court.

I founded Certified Contract Solutions (CCS) in 2002, and provide leadership, contract training and management, consulting, expert testimony, regulatory development, and mentoring and marketing services to the federal government and its many contractors and their subcontractors.

My favorite occupation is and has always been “Problem Solver”! I'm ready to help you solve yours.

My Passion is Solving Problems

Nothing is more enjoyable to me than learning and studying complex systems. I have a passion for applying critical, systems, and strategic thinking to situations and then finding solutions to issues and a simpler way to present it to others. The study of government contracting and leadership provides me outlets for practicing my passions. 

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    Government Contracting

    Before I graduated law school I was learning government contracting. I returned after graduation and spent seven years as a federal attorney with the Navy and NASA. I moved over to industry and spent another 25 years working with large and small businesses from manufacturing to services, all the while honing my contracting knowledge and skills. Some may find it boring; to me, government contracts are the most intriguing legal agreements. I continue to learn all I can as the shifting regulatory and legal framework evolves.

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    Passion for Leadership

    As I worked with people in government and industry I began to see that many were quite capable; others less so. I read all the classics in leadership and while some were helpful, there always seemed to be something lacking. I taught leadership development for many years and even there - something was missing. I embarked on a more comprehensive study of the field which led to the publishing of Sustained Leadership WBS. I continue to research, learn, and apply these principles as I have learned that at its root - every problem stems from a lack of leadership. 

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    Government contracting and leadership are both highly complex fields of study. Knowing them, and especially in combination, provides a depth and breadth of experience and practical examples that can make the instructional process come alive. I love being in the classroom or in front of an audience where I can educate, enlighten, entertain, and engage. I get great reviews and people leave better equipped to become the best possible versions of themselves. To me, there is no greater calling.

Tom Reid's Pledge

"It's time for me to give back to my audience. I've gathered a vast amount of knowledge over my many decades of commitment and dedication to government contracting and leadership and I'm ready to share these with you. How can I help?"

Industries I have Experience

The government buys literally everything, and there is no organization that can't improve its leadership. I bring comprehensive knowledge of the entire government procurement process and a new project management approach to leadership development. 
I have worked with and trained in manufacturing, aerospace hardware design, development, and production, numerous service providers, businesses small and large, many different government agencies, and managed litigation across many disciplines and legal arenas, including qualification as an expert witness in government contracting. 
I bring a deep level of knowledge and commitment to solving your government contracting and leadership issues whatever goods or services you may be providing to your customers and clients.

Why Clients Seek my Problem Solving Skills

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    Certified Contract Solutions assists the government and its contractors in doing business with each other. The depth and breadth of CCS expertise covers all parts of the FAR system, including provision of expert witness services. 

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    As your career progresses and you realize the tragedy of non-leaders being placed in leadership positions, you quickly conclude that both leadership development and leadership selection are badly broken. Applying a passion to help correct this problem, Sustained Leadership WBS provides a guide for individuals and teams of all sizes on their respective leadership journey. Services include assessments, training, and consulting on leadership and organizational development.

    Training has been a significant part of the services provided across the full spectrum of government contracting issues and now including the classes and assessments for leadership development.

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    I am available for any of your training or speaking needs across a full range of government contracting and leadership development topics. Whether you need a keynote address, a breakout workshop, or a multi-day intensive training program, I have a wealth of material to customize to your specific requirements.


I'm here to help you succeed in whichever business or personal ambitions you may have. Send me a message and let's connect.

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